Exploring The Newest Luxury Designer Home Trends For 2019

New to the city and looking for the best luxury home in Martin County? If yes, then you are all set to make the susceptible decision. Buying a home and especially the luxury one is the lifetime investing. And, hence it bounds a person to go with witty designs and evergreen looks of the house.

It is always said that when you buy a home always double cross-check the design and reliability of the home as it is going to add form and beauty to your future home. Now, some of the rookies will find it hard to make the correct decision. Therefore, below are the several in and outs that one should check before gambling their money into real estate. These top designs are shared by the interior experts themselves who seek years of knowledge in terms of luxury homes In Martin County.

Magnificent Dressing Room

People who focus a lot on their outfit and attire emphasize a lot on their dressing room as well. However, people who think that the dressing room is just a means of luxury homes than they might be wrong as it has become an integral part of any type of home. Choose such homes which have broad and multi-shelves to make your clothing management easy and convenient. One can also add this small dressing room, particularly in their room also.

Evergreen Beauty of Marbles

As the years of housing are dedicated to luxury homes, the trend of adding marbles in interiors has reignited the flame. No matter what paint color your walls focus or the countertops of your kitchen, marbles can compliment any aesthetic and interior design. It is not restricted just to flooring. Instead, it can be used to define the edge of kitchen/bathroom counters, tables, walls and many more.

Elegant Ceiling

Days are long when people were not so interested in focusing on their ceilings. But, now people have realized the importance of modern ceilings to add extra grace into one’s home. One can go with the idea of skylights ceiling or highlight beams for a luxurious home. An accentuating ceiling will provide your space with a proper frame and detailed architecture.

Cool Colour Palette

No matter how much you invest in the designing of your interior, if the colors are not complementing the amenities, walls, furniture, walls, ceilings, and floor then it is a waste of money and efforts. Even the housing experts say choosing the right color can enhance the character, sophistication, texture, design and indoor aura. Talking about the trend, pale white, grey, light blue, and brown are in the hype.

Rampaging Bathroom Amenities

When you think of a luxurious and blissful morning, it will always start from your bathroom. To soak all the positivity and rinsing away all the negativity, a person spend his at least half an hour daily in the bathroom. Therefore, choose clawfoot tub over the standard tub and mini chandelier over typical old lightning to add the utmost elegance in your bathing room.

Fresh Outdoors

No matter how many bucks you spent on luxury homes in Martin County. If your house is not equipped with the beautiful outdoors then you can’t denote it as completely luxurious. Along with a stunning patio and swimming pool, you can add sunken theatre, outdoor bedroom or even a dining table. Doing it so, your outdoor will definitely become the showstopper of your whole house.


Buying a new or first luxurious home is an obviously daunting task. But, when taken precise steps, these small little hurdles can make a novice into a pro. Our experts will always guide you to take the help of real estate agents for keeping yourself at a safer side.


The Art Of Selling Your Luxury Home!


Do you know anything which includes “pitching” it is an art more than a science? The selling of house is also an art, the way you pitch to the buyers for the price. For instance, if a luxury home includes five bedrooms with each room having its own washroom, a four car garage, two kitchens, a pool, sauna and more you name it, a luxury home has it. Due to space limitations and locations exclusivity a smaller living space in Sewall’s Point could be very well priced than a larger space home. Location plays a vital role while pricing a luxury home for sale in Sewall’s Point.

What does it take to sell a luxury home?

As you know the value of the luxury home and considering the value, it is always understood that sellers would want to get things right. These homes are a generous investment, often worth millions of dollars. There are fewer luxury homes, which makes it all the more important that the seller must put forward a positive image of the home.

During a luxury home for sale, you must attract the buyers, and make the buyer understand the home worth the money, and be able to negotiate effectively when you are selling some of the highest priced home available. So, that’s why it is always recommended to having the right price and the best realtor which are the two keys in the sale of a luxury of home.

The Strategy of overpricing a luxury home –

This point is something every business seller uses it, and in case of real estate, some homeowners and real estate agents believe that by overpricing the home for sale they are leaving themselves some space to negotiate down towards the asking process. But you know overpricing you also give you a big disadvantage as you are preventing buyers who can afford the home from discovering it. For some buyers location may not be a big concern then the price is still always one of the top search criteria for homebuyers.

Keep in mind that most luxury homebuyers are financially savvy and generally they don’t look for any long and hard negotiations over price. Instead, luxury homebuyers will shop within their budget and purchase the house that offers the most of the value for them.

The Strategy of underpricing a luxury home –

It depends whether the real estate market is primarily a seller’s market, where there are not enough homes to go around to the buyers or it’s a buyer’s market where there is more house for sale than actual buyers this strategy is not so much applicable. The underpricing a home as a selling strategy work best in the seller’s market and may not work well at all in the buyer’s market.

This is an intentional strategy of the homeowner setting the price below the market value in order to generate a buyer fury of interest and multiple offers as a result. So, this is the plus point as due to multiple offers come in its way, the owner can choose the best offer according to them. There is no accurate way to predict how the buyers will respond to the best and final offer request.

Remember – If luxury homeowners want to go with the strategy, it always best to work with a real estate expert who knows the local market well in order to get the best guidance and suggestion on whether this strategy would work for a particular luxury home.

The Market Research Pricing –

The best way to price a luxury home is to price according to its market value and that is done by looking at the recent sales of a similar home in a similar location for comparative market analysis. To get a perfect price for luxury home most of the real estate agents need to look the home and evaluate the amenities, features and more than will use them in order to find similar homes that are for sale or have newly sold.

Remember – Most the luxury homebuyers know the value of the home and the value in a particular location. If there is no visitor during 30-60 days that means you have to reduce the price of your home.